Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pope Benedict Promotes Blessed Pier Giorgio as Model for Youth

Speaking to the youth in Turin recently about the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid, Pope Benedict pointed to Blessed Pier Giorgio as an excellent role model:

"His existence was totally surrounded by grace and love of God, and it was consumed with serenity and joy in the passionate service of Christ and neighbor," the Pontiff said. "Young like you, he lived his Christian formation with great commitment, and gave a testimony of faith, simplicity and efficacy.

"He was a young man fascinated by the beauty of the Gospel of the Beatitudes, who experimented all of the joy of being a friend of Christ, of following him, of feeling in a living way that he was part of the Church."

In light of his testimony, the Pope encouraged the youth to have "the courage to choose what is essential in life."

"Like [Piergiorgio]," the Holy Father said, "discover that it is worth it to commit oneself for God and with God, to respond to his call in the fundamental decisions and the daily ones, even when it is costly."

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