Friday, August 21, 2009

Pier Giorgio sighting at amusement park!

Have you seen Pier Giorgio lately?! Here is a fun picture of someone spotted wearing the "Verso l'alto" t-shirt at an amusement park (Kennywood) in Pittsburgh. After seeing this, I remembered that Pier Giorgio visited an amusement park in Munich back in September of 1921. He wrote about it to his friend Gian Maria Bertini:

"Last night I went with Mr. Dück and his sister, a nice young lady dark skinned and very Italian looking, to the Festwiese, a feast which takes place every year at the end of September and lasts two weeks and where you can find all amusements like merry-go-rounds, rollercoasters, etc."

If you have any fun pictures of "Pier Giorgio sightings" send them to us! By the way, the Verso l'alto t-shirt is on sale now during our summer clearance. Only a handful of small and mediums are left. Get yours today and hit the roller coasters!

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