Thursday, August 6, 2009

Frassati Servers

So far this summer, I have learned of two different groups of Frassati Servers. One group is here in the U.S. and one is in Ireland. It struck me that the idea is already intercontinental and, therefore, must be an inspired one! In any case, it is worth passing along to all of you.

From Kansas, Jane Alexander writes, "Our priest, Fr. Jason Borkenhagen, started the Frassati Servers in our parish about four years ago. Both of my sons have been Frassati Servers during this time and have learned a deeper role in serving Mass as well as serving the people of the parish. Frassati Servers are boys of high school age and are given a few more responsibilities in serving the Mass. Along with working, they also get together for ballgames, trips to the lake as well as participating in special Masses at our Diocesan Cathedral."

From Northern Ireland, Father Peter O'Kane writes: "Recently I formed a club for our twenty-five altar servers under the patronage of Pier Giorgio; we call it the 'Frassati Club'. We celebrated Mass together with their families on Pier Giorgio's Feast Day for the first time in the parish and we had a little party afterwards. I told them about the international gathering in Pollone earlier that day and how we were spiritually united to you."

What a great way to inspire youth as they serve the Lord during Mass -- something Pier Giorgio did so often. His example on the altar was edifying to so many who were present. In her book about the Faith of Pier Giorgio, his sister Luciana writes:

"Serving Mass was something normal for him to do, and never burdensome or difficult. He felt instinctively that he was taking one more step up toward Jesus.

So he wanted to do whatever would bring him close to the priest at the altar. Monsignor Pini, for whom he served on many occasions, said one time, “Pier Giorgio served Mass in an exemplary way.”

But even before he said this, just about everyone else agreed. They had seen Pier Giorgio kneeling on the marble or stone steps, his eyes focused on the consecrated Host, and on the deliberate and solemn movements of the priest.

He was happy serving Mass, which explains his deeply spiritual attitude. He was so happy that when he was in Pollone he often served Mass twice a day."

If you have a Frassati Servers group at your church, tell us about it by adding a comment to this blog. Verso l'alto!

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Joseph William Moloney said...

In Brisbane, Australia, we have a young men's movement called Frassati Fraternity and altar serving is central to that. We serve both the new and the Latin Mass and I too believe there is something providential to find your group and the one in Ireland, as well as ours, all doing the same thing.