Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating Pier Giorgio's Feast Day in Pollone!

It is 5 a.m. here at the Frassati family villa in Pollone on the fourth of July. Our group of pilgrims will be waking up soon and we will start the day with an early morning Mass before heading up to Oropa. There, we will climb to the top of Mount Mucrone and celebrate in true Pier Giorgio style his fourth of July feast day!

We have had an amazing journey and have felt his presence with us the entire way. So many wonderful experiences! We have put the miles on our bus and our legs. On Sunday, we were in Rome; on Monday, we were in Siena; on Tuesday, we were in Florence; on Wednesday, we were in Bologna; on Thursday, we were in Torino; on Friday, we were in Pollone. Today, we are off to Oropa! Seven towns in seven days!

We have celebrated Mass at St. Paul Outside the Wall's, St. Peter's Basilica, San Domenico in Siena, Santa Croce in Florence, San Domenico in Bologna, at the tomb of Pier Giorgio in Turin, and in Pier Giorgio's bedroom in Pollone. We have had some wonderful guided tours and some delicious Italian food. We have gotten to know each other through our travels and our prayer. Each day, we have prayed the novena to Pier Giorgio in a special place as well.

Upon our arrival in Pollone yesterday, we were shown an article in a local Italian paper talking about our trip. The article also mentions the arrival of a group of young French people who will be here this evening for the special Mass in Pier Giorgio's parish church. How exciting to be at this international celebration of Pier Giorgio's feast day!

With no rain in the morning forecast, we should be able to climb Mount Mucrone today and cap off a stupendous journey in the footsteps of Pier Giorgio. All along the way, I have been carrying your prayers with me. God-willing, today I will be able to take them literally to the top!

Blessed Pier Giorgio...pray for us! Happy Feast Day!


Mary T Torres said...

How I wish I could be making the climb with you but I'll be there in spirit. Climb carefully, hermana mia!

Daniel Murphy said...

Pier Giorgio's literal and metaphorical/spiritual "verso l'alto" inspires us to be "bold in the spirit," to strive to go to the very top--the fullness of life that God has won for us.

Your pilgrimage in Italy, accompanied by our mutually beloved Pier Giorgio, has surely won graces for the complete realization of his cause for canonization.

Thanks so much for sharing your pilgrimage, your journey in his footsteps for those of us who cannot be with you in the flesh.


Dan Murphy