Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

"The year has begun well, after toasting it in with my family I went to Holy Martyrs Church; there in the Church, crowded with people, we prayed that there would be peace in Italy and Peace among us.
And this Peace, which is the burning Desire of us all, we hope will come in this year in which the Graces of the Lord are multiplied."

So wrote Pier Giorgio to his friend Franz Massetti on January 4, 1925. It would be the last new year he would mark on earth. It also happened to be the start of a Jubilee Year in the Church (which explains Pier Giorgio's reference to graces being multiplied.) Many of his letters express a desire for peace. Considering Pier Giorgio lived through World War I and the rise of fascism in Italy, it is no wonder that he was constantly wishing for peace in the world. This longing for peace is universal and no different for us in our current world situation. As we pray for peace today, it seems fitting to ask for Pier Giorgio's special intercession. May the Graces of the Lord abound in 2009!


Caroline said...

Happy New Year!!!

What a great quote!!! Lately I've been finding a lot quotes of Pier Giorgio's that are so relevant today, especially for our country after the election... which reminds me: Chris, when is the book of Pier Giorgio's letters coming out?

Also, sorry I haven't been posting- my first year of high school has kept me pretty busy and I barely have time to check up on the blog everyday let alone post. But hopefully now that I've gotten more into the rythm of things I can post more frequently.


Chris said...

The book still needs a publisher. Keep praying! Two places are reviewing it right now. I sure wish Pier Giorgio would push it along!