Monday, September 1, 2008

Pier Giorgio in Action

Many favors are reported though the intercession of Pier Giorgio, although, as of yet, none are sufficient for the canonization miracle. But it is inspiring to see Pier Giorgio in action in people's lives. Here's a recent example:

"On 8/14/08 in Saco, ME, Ryan, 24 years old was taken to the hospital for open heart surgery. Before this he was very a healthy and active college graduate. After surgery in Boston, MA, he was in very serious condition. His grandmother asked me to pray for Ryan and I immediately invoked Bl. Pier Giorgio to hear our prayers and to pray with us for Ryan. I continued to pray for Bl. Pier Giorgio's assistance. A week later Ryan was recovering quickly and has now returned home and is doing very well. Ryan and his family are very grateful to God and for all the many prayers. I know in my heart that through Bl. Pier Giorgio our prayers were heard. I will continue to spread news and info about our Blessed friend and pray for his assistance in my own needs. Pier Giorgio gives me hope that I can strive to be holy as a layman."

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