Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pier Giorgio and the Boy Scouts

I am always glad to get your ideas and hear how Pier Giorgio is working in your lives. Here is a great email with an idea for everyone involved in Boy Scouts:

"I recently found out about Pier Giorgio Frassati and have been praying the PACT often...I'm trying for daily. As I have been learning more and more about him, it occurs to me that he would be a great patron saint for scouts and scout leaders. His love of the outdoors and his desire to help people make him sound like the perfect example of what a cub/boy scout should strive for in his life. As a scout leader myself, I am praying daily for God to help make me a better dad, leader, and servant to all. I intend on telling the boys about this blessed example to us and sharing more about him with them. We are a small pack of about 25-30 boys chartered through our Church/Catholic School.

Pier Giorgio, please pray for us all...Verso l'alto!"

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