Friday, July 18, 2008

Miracles Great and Small

During Pier Giorgio's time in Australia, I must admit that I have been hoping and praying for that canonization miracle. (The Frassati family and I have a bit of a running joke about my optimism that a miracle will occur in the U.S. But I wouldn't mind it happening anywhere!) Sometimes, when we have our sights set on great things, it is easy to overlook all of the little gifts the Lord gives us. An email received today makes this point much better than I could. It was from someone reporting a favor received through the intercession of Pier Giorgio. Here is the testimony:

"My prayer was that my student loan would be approved. After two initial rejections, we submitted it again on the weekend of July 4th, asking Pier Giorgio's intercession that it would be approved. It was approved that following Tuesday, two days before the deadline. I will now be able to go back to school thanks to Pier Giorgio's intercession. While it may not be a major miracle to most people, it most certainly is to me."

This is such an uplifting example of how God works in our lives. The person who wrote this could have just gotten discouraged and not bothered submitting the loan again. So there was an element of faith and perseverance involved. We have to do what we can and then leave the rest to God. In this case, it was especially nice to see Pier Giorgio interceding for a fellow student. He was known for helping classmates with their tuition and books. Everyone at the university he attended knew that if they needed something they should go to Frassati who was always broke but always found a way to help. Now that he is in heaven, he can do so much more. So don't hesitate to ask for his help! Miracles great and small are just a prayer away.

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askin said...

It is God who makes miracles - no intermediaries. We must pray to God to help us with a miracle. Not to an intermediary - not even to a Prophet. This is clearly mentioned in The Bible and in The Quran too.

Askin Ozcan
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