Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Have you read a good Pier Giorgio book lately?

If you are looking for a good book about Pier Giorgio to read or share with others, I would recommend his sister Luciana's beautiful account of his death. The book is called, "My Brother Pier Giorgio: His Last Days." Although the book has been available for years, it seems to have been a well-kept secret and as a result is listed for sale on Amazon for incredible prices. I have been fascinated to see the book listed for upwards of $200 for more than a year! Right now, the price range on Amazon is between $22 and $195. The book is not out of print and you don't need to pay that much for it. You can get it in the EWTN Religious Catalogue for $12.00 or in the FrassatiUSA PGF Bookstore for $12.95. It is a book you will not want to put down and it will draw you even closer to Pier Giorgio than you have been before. Happy reading!


Caroline said...

Wow- amazon sure is expensive. I never noticed that before. Luckily for me though, I got to borrow my books from some friends. But I still want to buy my own. Chris, I've seen that there are biographies written on Pier Giorgio by authors other than his sister. How do they compare? Which are your favourites out of all of them? (Including the ones written by Luciana Frassati)

Chris said...

Hi Caroline,
Sorry to take so long to answer your question. There is a biography by Maria Di Lorenzo. In my opinion, it doesn't add anything to the biography by Luciana Frassati. In fact, it seems to restate a lot of it. However, it does have new material in the very back, such as info on the beatification miracle. The other book by Luciana Frassati on the last days of Pier Giorgio's life is just a very moving account and one that everyone should read. There are others which are out of print but I have gotten copies and have enjoyed them tremendously. They are listed on the blog homepage.

Caroline said...

Oh, that's ok. ;) You were busy being on television on "Life on the Rock". Hahaha!

Ok, thanks! Yes, I've read both books by his sister and, like you said, "My Brother Pier Giorgio: His Last Days" was extremely moving. I remember I couldn't stop reading it for two days straight!