Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome to Frassati and Friends!

Dear Friends of Pier Giorgio,
Ever since FrassatiUSA was established, I have had the tremendous privilege of communicating with many of you and hearing wonderful stories about how Pier Giorgio is working in your lives. So often, these stories have uplifted me and provided encouragement for this ministry. And, from time to time during my travels to Italy to work with Pier Giorgio's family, I have sent emails to those of you on the FrassatiUSA mailing list about my adventures. I have heard a lot of feedback about how much these stories have inspired you in your spiritual lives and in developing your own personal devotion to Pier Giorgio. Until now, there has not been an adequate forum for all of the friends of Pier Giorgio to communicate with one another and share words of encouragement and inspiration. This blog -- "Frassati and Friends" -- is it!

So let's sharpen our pencils, or keypads, and get ready to blog our way verso l'alto!

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Caroline said...

Wow! This blog is just what we all needed! Thanks for putting it all together!!! I can't wait to get to know fellow friends of Pier Giorgio! I was so excited when I saw the link on FrassatiUSA!!!