Friday, May 9, 2008

How I "Met" Pier Giorgio

People often ask me how I got involved in the work of promoting Pier Giorgio. To be honest, I had never heard of him until 13 years ago. Shortly after moving to Nashville, my parish priest asked if I would help start a group for young adults. We couldn't think of a name for it. One morning after Mass, he showed me a little brochure about Pier Giorgio and we decided to call our group "The Frassati Society." In 2002, I started the Aquinas College Frassati Society. In 2006, I met Wanda Gawronska (one of Pier Giorgio's nieces) in Rome. And the rest, as they say, is history! How did YOU "meet" Pier Giorgio?


Caroline said...

Well, really it all started around Christmas of 2006, when my mom bought a book on Pier Giorgio to give to a friend. She showed me the book, and described Pier Giorgio to me from what little she knew about him, that he was young and loved sports and skiing. I thought it was cool but really forgot about him after that. That is- until a few moths later, when I went to an abbey in Oceanside, California. I went into the gift shop and was looking at the many medals in a large case when a certain medal caught my eye. When I looked at it closer, I realized it had Pier Giorgio on it. Like I said, up until that time I had thought nothing about him at all, and when I heard about him I wasn't very interested. But looking at the medal I had a strong urge to buy the medal and get to know Pier Giorgio, even though I really knew nothing about him! I was especially attracted to him since he was young, and so someone I could connect to. I bought the medal and practically never took it off until I recieved the new Italian medal from FrassatiUSA. (By the way, thanks!!! The medal is beautiful!) Soon afterwards my mom discovered our friends had a relic holy card of Pier Giorgio, and it went from there. Our friend let me borrow both books by Luciana Frassati which I gobbled up in a matter of days, becoming more and more drawn to Pier Giorgio. He was (and is) perfect, a perfect friend. So I like to say that Pier Giorgio chose me; as a friend and to be my patron before I even really knew about him!

Guadalupe said...

Hi.. I'm from the Philippines. I would like to share my story. I was born with a congenital defect of the spine which could render me paralyzed from waist down. Way back 4 years ago, I was experiencing excruciating pains which made my legs and feet numb radiating from my lower spine. My condition became bad. Driving and prolonged standing and sitting became a torture for me. This condition plunged me into a deep physical and spiritual crisis. I was loosing hope since there is no cure available and the therapy very expensive. Sometime middle of 2004, I was sent an online advertisement of Paulines USA about a new book on an Italian lay Blessed. This was my very first encounter with Blessed Pier Giorgio. I read it and got interested with his life and his sainthood. I researched about him for a few days and then I stopped. Around 7 months later, my condition grew worse. The story of Pier Giorgio's sufferings in his last days came back to me. My interest with him returned. After a few more web sites, I discovered that somehow (perhaps), the pains I was experiencing were very much similar to what he underwent. I was pretty sure, he could understand what I was experiencing! I started praying to him. I emailed his niece Wanda and she graciously responded to my questions. Most importantly, she sent me his precious relic and holy cards. My devotion to him grew and it affected my prayer life. Since then, I began attending daily mass whenever I could. I wouldn't say that I got complete healing but my condition dramatically improved. Most importantly, Pier Giorgio led me to my spiritual conversion. That was the most important part!

I told Wanda what had been happening to me. She was very happy about it. I bought all the available books about Pier Giorgio through the web and my sister who lives in the USA sent them to me. Soon I started sharing about Pier Giorgio to my grade 5 boys who were my students. Pier Giorgio made it to their young hearts. Some months later, I was surprised to receive an email from the Compagnia dei Tipi Loschi del Beato Pier Giorgio Frassati inviting me to write an article for their newspaper. I agreed and my short story was soon published in their magazine "Vivere!".

Until now Pier Giorgio never fails to be a faithful constant companion in my spiritual journey. I am eternally grateful the Lord introduced him to me. God bless!