Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Intercession of Blessed Pier Giorgio

Thanks to Jillison for sharing this story:

"In late June, my uncle fell while trimming tree limbs and suffered an internal separation of his head from his spinal column. While not paralyzed, he was, needless to say, in critical condition and was thought several times to be near death. One day in particular, I received word that they were calling for the family members to come to the hospital, as they feared he would not last much longer. Not living close by I went to Mass instead and prayed fervently for the intercession of Blessed Pier Giorgio (he needs another miracle and so did we!!). When I returned from Mass I had a voicemail waiting from my mother – it seemed that an adjustment of my uncle's medicines had reversed the severity of the situation and my uncle was – for the moment – out of the woods. After several surgeries (and a nicked artery during one of them), my uncle is out of the hospital and back home again. And all of this after the doctors had suggested it would be months upon months before he was well enough to leave the hospital and all associated rehab facilities! There is no doubt in my mind that his recovery – while perhaps not "miraculous" – is due in no small part to Blessed Pier Giorgio and his eternal charity."

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