Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating the Feast Day of Blessed Pier Giorgio!

Over the past several years, each feast day of Blessed Pier Giorgio has become more special for me. It is such a gift to us as Americans that we can celebrate both our Independence and the Feast of Pier Giorgio on the same day. I like to think of it as the "Frassati Fourth of July!" And, often when I give talks about Pier Giorgio's life, I will say, "Think Frassati when you see fireworks!"

Praying the novena in honor of Pier Giorgio during the days leading up to July 4th has also become very meaningful. The meditation on each Beatitude helps to put me in the mindset of Pier Giorgio and reflect on his life, his struggles, his joys, his sacrifices, his family life, and so on. It never fails that I experience some special consolation during that timeframe. This year has been no different.

It is such a blessing to be an American -- something that I took for granted until recent years. This is truly a great country founded on religious freedom and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. In Nashville, Tennessee, where I live, we have one of the country's best Fourth of July celebrations. The feelings of patriotism are overwhelming when you are among such a large crowd with one common bond. In a similar way, from being in "The Pact" and knowing that we are all united in prayer and our commitment to works of charity, there is a special feeling of spiritual camaradarie. All of these sorts of things go through my mind as the fireworks go off over my head.

I feel certain that Pier Giorgio is smiling on us from Heaven today and is grateful to everyone who has helped to spread his devotion here on earth. He continues to be our constant companion on our journey to holiness each day of our lives. So, wherever you are today, whisper a special prayer intention to him. Add a prayer for God to continue to bless America. And have a happy Frassati Fourth of July! Verso l'alto!

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Lucia Bartoli said...

This wonderful day has great significance for is my late father's birthday, the day of the American Independence and of Pier Giorgio's feast. My father was raised in the Provinicia di Modena and his name was Giorgio, too. He actually sort of resembled Pier Giorgio. Both were great lovers of the mountains. So I made this novena with a most happy heart. If my answer is one that it is "verifiable" I will quickly let you know. As it is, prayers to Pier Giorgio have already reaped a benefit for my daughter who is an artist. On day 5, she received word that her art was going into a major art distributor which can mean great success for her. I have asked to render her own digital portrait of Pier Giorgio when her contract is negotiated. For me, I will keep silent until I know more, but no matter what, Pier Giorgio heard me...this I know without any doubt. Verso l'alto con Pier Giorgio e con fede assoluta nel'amore di Gesu.