Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nineteen Years Ago...

It was May 20, 1990, that Pope John Paul II beatified Pier Giorgio Frassati. If you haven't read it recently, this would be a good day to reflect on the homily from that special day. Click here.

And thanks to Kristen for sharing how Pier Giorgio has been working in her life:
"Hi! I have received some great favors through the intercession of Pier Giorgio! I first found out about Pier Giorgio while on a vocation retreat with the Sisters of Mary in Ann Arbor. I have prayed his Litany and some of the other prayers on this site almost every night for over three months, asking for God's will for my life. My own specific desire was to find a job in the greater Seattle area, so that I could be near family and friends, as well as near a specific, very special Dominican parish where there are many amazing opportunities to serve God's people. But ending up where God wanted me was the paramount request of my prayers. After months of job hunting, I accepted an offer last week for an excellent job there. I was hoping for any job in this tough job market, and I was blessed with a lucrative medical sales job. A wonderful place to live fell into my lap the same day as well! I am delighted that not only will I be able to serve God, but I can use my earnings to help others in this tough economy. Hands down, the most important blessings I gained from my prayers were a tremendous increase in faith, inner peace, and great trust in the Lord. There is absolutely nothing that can trump that! Thank you God, and thank you Pier Giorgio! In Christ's Love, Kristen"

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