Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Remembering Luciana Frassati

Today, as we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, we also mark the first anniversary of the death of Pier Giorgio's sister, Luciana Frassati. She died peacefully in Pollone, in the family home, at the age of 105. I had the privilege of being there the last few weeks of her earthly life. On the morning of her passing, I was out of town to visit some Italian relatives. Luciana's daughter Wanda called to tell me the news and I quickly made plans to return for the funeral. That day, I remember thinking of the great joy in heaven with which Luciana would be welcomed. Also, I knew that she would continue her work of spreading the spirituality of Pier Giorgio from above as she had done for so many years during her lifetime.

It is one of life's mysteries to ponder: the length of our days. Pier Giorgio had 24 years, his sister had 105. And yet, we can reflect on both lives and see the fullness -- the richness in living out the Catholic faith -- that both shared. Together they remind us that how much time we have on earth is not up to us but what we do with it is.

It would be a fitting spiritual gift today to offer a rosary in thanksgiving for the life of Luciana Frassati and for the consolation of all those whom she has left behind. May God grant her eternal memory and blessed repose. Grazie, Signora, per tutto.


Catherine Lucia said...

Luciana is in my prayers!

As a side note, I noticed today that Pope Benedict's next encyclical is Caritas in Veritate--Love in Truth--nearly the same as what is on the medal of Pier Giorgio. Just an interesting little thing I noticed today. :)

Chris said...

Where do you get your info? You are always more current than me! This encyclical is exciting news as I really believe Pier Giorgio and Pope Benedict are bonded in their understanding of charity.

Catherine Lucia said...

:) Some favorite sites of mine are...

"Domine, da mihi hanc aquam..."


"Ordo Praedicatorum"

"What Does The Prayer Really Say?"

"Whispers in the Loggia"

But mostly I just keep my eye out. :)

It is exciting indeed!